19 June 2017

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Delphine Manivet

quaint early 13c., "cunning, proud, ingenious," from O.Fr. cointe "pretty, clever, knowing," from L. cognitus "known," pp. of cognoscere "get or come to know well" (see cognizance). Sense of "old-fashioned but charming" is first attested 1795, and could describe the word itself, which had become rare after c.1700 (though it soon recovered popularity in this secondary sense). Chaucer used quaint and queynte as spellings of cunt in "Canterbury Tales" (c.1386), and Andrew Marvell may be punning on it similarly in "To His Coy Mistress" (1650).


Giambattista Valli

Mui Mui

05 June 2017

You can go home again.

What a great surprise to see a great big How They Decorated in the window at the hometown shop that organized the most lovely book signing for me. 
Couldn't have been more tickled than had it been the windows of Bergdorf Goodman! 

Friends, one from first grade, insisted on a to-do and it was just terrific. All books were Sold and Signed and more ordered. The shop, Selections, will keep some in stock this summer.

My parents courted and married in this little place as did my grandparents. 
Yes- it's a small Southern town - one of the northernmost, resting along the Virginia border. Its claim to fame is Snow which falls more often here than any other place in the Triangle area and beyond. 

There is goodness and kindness. This is where I grew up. It shaped me with those things, and it gave me a little library to immerse myself in during the summer months. 
It's where I decided to write. 
To think. To grow- one never stops. 
Simply put, I have simple needs.There is no grandeur, no hustling on the street, no city sounds, just the night with its crickets and an occasional braying dog. 
It's where I learned to love, to hurt, to heal. 

Yes, Thomas Wolfe you can go home again. 
It will be different. 
It will be the same, but you will be changed by it and because of it.

30 May 2017

home again, home again...

... a glimpse of some of the moments from my New York trip for How They Decorated.

Charlotte Moss, Meg Braff and I had a wonderful discussion about design based on notes Charlotte gleaned from the women in my book! She had, no surprise, done her homework by extracting quotes from the book that set off a string of thoughts about process and inspiration. The Benjamin Moore showroom was our host at the D&D, in a light-filled beautiful space and a standing room only crowd.

...collage of images from the book beautifully laid out by Jimmie Henslee, illustrator for the book. Charlotte thoughtfully cards of these on the seats of audience attendees. As to Jimmie, it was so wonderful to finally meet him. Ours has been a virtual meeting of the minds through our initial meetups on Pinterest and phone conversations about the book and about just LIFE. Jimmie sent this beautiful bouquet of white peonies for me to enjoy in the hotel.

Charlotte Moss, who wrote the foreword to the book had a supper buffet for me at her home Wednesday evening. 
In a word- glorious. Everything was so beautiful, guests included. 
I'm so happy my brother and my niece were able to be with me for these celebrations.

Thursday evening Madeline Weinrib had the first official New York book signing for me at her atelier. This was the arrangement that greeted guests as they stepped off the elevator as a pair.

Set on the floor above a wall of images of all Madeline's carpets and textiles in miniature, this arrangement is indicative of Madeline's rare aesthetic and is seen throughout her studio. 

 with my niece LIZ.

 My friend Jane, at left. & blogger and friend Bart Boehlert, who so graciously came to the signing. 

Scenes from the signing with Jimmie Henslee (at center).

Other events this week and next closer to home, a summer hiatus, then things will rev up in the fall-New York, Dallas, San Antonio, D.C, and Atlanta. If you are interested in hosting a signing or a speaking engagement you can email me through the blog, or at pgayetapp here.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help me celebrate! xo, Gaye


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