18 September 2014


Schumacher is celebration 125 years in Design.
I'm impressed with some of their offerings accompanying this milestone.

With great style, Schumacher's ad campaign embodies what makes a 125 year old company so relevant in a world of textile design house takeovers-consolidations and closures.

Boughton House, from a circa-1870 fragment of fine cotton in the company's archives.

Shock Wave, crafted in Italy at one of the finest silk mills in the world.

Iconic Leopard returns from the 1970's when Schumacher first ran the pattern.

Les Gazelles Au Bois, by artist Pierre Pozier, nephew of Schumacher founder, c.1927.

Citrus Garden, an archival print designed for Schumacher in 1947 by Josef Frank.

Happy Birthday Schumacher!

15 September 2014

the return

Of, the Countess of Lyndon, Viscountess Bullingdon of England, Baroness of Castle Lyndon of the Kingdom of Ireland, by way of fashion designer ALTUZARRA.

"He began to have it in mind, as so many gentlemen had done before him, to marry a woman of great fortune & condition. And, as such things so often happen, these thoughts closely coincided with his setting first sight upon a lady who will henceforth play a considerable part in the drama of his life: the Countess of Lyndon, Viscountess Bullingdon of England, Baroness of Castle Lyndon of the Kingdom of Ireland, a woman of vast wealth and great beauty." William Makepeace Thackeray

(photographs from Vogue UK here)

From VOGUE UK, editor Sarah Harris report on the ALTUZARRA inspiration: "Rosemary's Baby and Barry Lyndon were the starting points for this collection," reveals the designer. "I became interested in the idea of a sinister and undone prettiness and romance, ill-fated and doomed."  Altuzarra said he wanted to evoke ideas in 17th century jewellery and adornment. A triumph. 

Albeit, this is a modern Countess, but the essential character is present in the fabric, the embellishment, the draping, & the vapidity Marisa Berenson so brilliantly embodies in the Lady.

Fashion has always had a love affair with this Lady Honoria, but to date no other designer has transported her to the present like Altuzarra's collection for Spring 2015. I too have had a love affair with this Kubrick film, & this is yet another sweet reprise.

Little Augury on Barry Lyndon, here
Little Augury at Pinterest on Lady Lyndon here

11 September 2014


a beauty attribute, though I am sadly lacking, & dearly love,
Freckles, worn with the perfect gown.

model Magdalena Jasek wearing DELPOZO

go to style.com here for a close up (click on the magnifying icon) of this ethereal beauty,
 & the gown that Madrid based designer, Josep Font must have made just for her.

10 September 2014

Ladies of the Club: A High Flyer

Born today ELSA SCHIAPARELLI September 10, 1890 in Rome
124 Years Young with the reprise of her eponymous couture label 

gown from SCHIAPARELLI Haute Couture Fall 2014


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